No place like home

Ryan and Haley Radzak moved into the area a few years ago and visited several churches before deciding on Advent. Our pastors’ leadership resonated with them, and they felt connected to see a young leader in Pastor Peter. Living within a mile from Advent, many of their neighbors were members which helped them feel even more connected.  

A pivotal moment for them was when “Pastor Elizabeth made an effort to get to know Haley and me as we were joining Advent. A year later, she made a surprise visit to Maple Grove Hospital to meet our twin boys a day after they were born,” Ryan recalled. It was a huge life event for us, and it meant so much that she was there.

Since joining Advent, they found a community of faith that has inspired them to volunteer.  Ryan and Haley joined the Worship Support Team at Advent. You may be greeted by them on a Sunday morning and welcomed by one of their sons, Advent’s youngest doormen. Getting involved was helpful for them to grow in their faith and get to know others. Ryan and Haley both have positive memories of growing up at church and wanted the same experience for their two young sons, Ryder and Calvin.

One of the things that keep Ryan and Haley connected to Advent is the fellowship. They feel that everyone is rooting for each other, and when congregants take a special interest in their kids, it means the world to them. They appreciate the encouragement as young, and sometimes overwhelmed, parents. There is no place like home and Advent feels like a second home to them.

Your generosity is helping Advent offer programs to encourage young families to raise their children to follow Jesus. Thank you for being faithful people who proclaim the good news of God in Christ through word and deed.