It Takes Courage

If you’ve ever met Harry and Shari Schindele, you already know that they bring joy wherever they go. Both retired educators, Shari enjoys sharing homemade treats with people, and Harry always has a joke or a game to have friends partake in. At their home in Maple Grove, Harry and Shari spread joy by putting a fresh bowl of water and treats outside their large front window for the dogs that walk by. They love getting to know more neighbors this way even though they don’t have a pet. Dog walkers are so appreciative that they leave bags of dog treats on the Schindele’s front steps.

Harry and Shari began attending Advent in 1967. Shari taught Sunday school and confirmation, and they both helped with Luther League. This group was for high school students; Luther League always had good food, time to socialize, and time to sing hymns. Through their children, the Schindeles met other parents at church and these people became some of their closest friends. Even today, when they have coffee in the fellowship hall, they will sit with friends that they have known since the early 1970s. Advent is like a second family to them. “Our best friends attend Advent.” During the pandemic they were grateful that Advent had online services, but they know that it is important to attend in person. “It shows support for the church, and we get surrounded by the love that is Advent.”

Harry and Shari said that it’s a comforting feeling to worship at Advent. They treasure the powerful spirituality in the Pastors' sermons. They appreciate that  Pastor Elizabeth and Pastor Peter preach about current issues. “It takes courage to bring that up,” said Harry. “The pastors talk about issues that may make people uncomfortable, but they know it is important for us to talk about.” They are impressed with all the community causes that Advent is involved in like the Osseo Area Schools Homeless Student Program.

Here at Advent we have long cared for our community through programs from CROSS to The Nest. Your support and generosity make it possible for us to have pastors who stress the importance of helping those beyond our walls and who inspire us to honor and love our neighbors. Thank you for helping us build partnerships with organizations doing God’s work in our city, nation, and the world.