Go where you are fed

Jane Warren was a cradle Catholic, and Bruce Warren converted when they married 55 years ago. They raised their kids Catholic and always attended Catholic services. Then the pandemic happened. When everyone started watching church from home, Bruce and Jane decided to watch other churches’ online services, and one morning, they tuned into Advent.

They were impressed with the preaching and the music at Advent. When they were able to attend in person, they were overwhelmed with how friendly everyone was. All the people they met were extremely welcoming and greeted them with warm smiles. And now, Bruce and Jane are officially members of Advent.

Bruce and Jane have always been involved in social justice and they appreciated the message from the pulpit. They stated how the pastors’ sermons are social justice oriented, hopeful, loving, and consistent. “You have to go where you’re fed. We feel so much better when we leave Advent than when we arrived.” They shared that Advent is a haven for them, and they appreciate how our church reaches out to the community. Advent talks the talk AND walks the walk.

Bruce, a retired aeronautical engineer, notices details. Their home is filled with complicated models of old sailing ships that he has built with great precision over the years. Jane has worked with the Domestic Violence Awareness and Action group for years. She organized the domestic violence speaker during a recent forum at Advent. They both are passionate about helping others and taking care of the environment.  Jane especially loves that Advent has a female pastor. She remembers the first time she received communion from Pastor Elizabeth. “I’ve never felt this way about a church…it felt wonderful to have her give me communion.” Bruce and Jane quickly felt like part of the Advent community and are looking forward to the volunteering opportunities here to serve Jesus.

Thank you for warmly welcoming families to our church. Your generosity allows us to reach out in our community to feed the hungry, to give hope to the hurting, and to love like Jesus.