Renew Advent


Out of gratitude for God’s gifts to us and with confidence in the future God has promised, the people of Advent have made a new commitment to one another. In early 2020, Advent’s voting members approved a $1 million campaign for Advent that would focus on the following three priorities:
  1. Deferred maintenance repairs to the building and the property, totaling an estimated $475,500

  2. Property improvements, including a covered front entrance, estimated at $777,958

  3. Ministry partner support, sharing a tithe of our $1 million goal, totaling $222,042

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How is the Campaign Going?
  • Advent’s goal for this campaign is $1,000,000

  • Our Committed Gifts and Pledges are $850,000

  • Our Still Needed Amount is $50,000 to earn the $100,000 match a generous Advent family pledged if we reach $900,000.

What’s Currently Happening with the Gifts?
  • Repaired courtyard-facing exterior walls with weather-sound stucco treatment: $50,000

  • Converting Boiler in older sections of the building from pneumatic to electric: $80,000

  • Replacing Lobby Air Conditioning Compressor: $5,000

  • Removed six dying trees from Maple Grove campus: $20,000

  • Replaced sanctuary grand piano: $25,000

Who are our Ministry Partners?

As part of our campaign to meet the needs of our Advent community and beyond, we are committing to sharing a tithe totaling $100,000 to the following organizations.

  • Lutheran World Relief

  • Together We Rise

  • CROSS Services

We boldly invite you to join the call to Renew Advent.